[LEAK] LeEco EUI Theme Store apk download full: LeEco aka LETV users were early waiting for LeEco to release their theme store. They were bored of using simple 2-3 themes which were given. So finally the wait is over, they have developed their own Theme Store just like Xiaomi’s MIUI Theme Store.

For those who dont know what LeEco is: Leshi Internet Information and Technology, also known as LeEco, is a Chinese technology company, and one of the largest online video companies in China. It is headquartered in Chaoyang, China.(Source: Wikipedia)

[LEAK] LeEco EUI Theme Store apk download full: So in this article I’m going to share leaked version of the EUI theme Store which is leaked from a Chinese rom. It is quite similar to Xiaomi’s MIUI Theme Store you will find lots of themes there of every category just like MIUI theme Store. Not only themes it also includes fonts, there are varieties of good fonts are available finally LeEco gave us few options or customize our smartphone.

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[LEAK] LeEco EUI Theme Store apk download full

[LEAK] LeEco EUI Theme Store apk download full: So all you have to do is simply download the EUI Theme Store apk from the given link below and install it. LETV THEME STORE :

LeEco EUI Theme Store Download HERE

[LEAK] LeEco EUI Theme Store apk download full
[LEAK] LeEco EUI Theme Store apk download full
Known bugs in this apk: EUI Theme Store gets disappeared on rebooting it will give App not found error but the theme you download through this will be still there and there will be no change in the applied theme.[LEAK] LeEco EUI Theme Store apk download full


SOlution: Simply navigate to your Phone Manager–> App Warehouse –> Theme Store and enable it.LETV THEME STORE


So that was [LEAK] LeEco EUI Theme Store apk download full. LETV THEME STORE Now customize your LeEco’s smartphone and show off to your friends. if you have any queries then please feel free to comment below:) i will try to respond you back asap 🙂


    • link this completely fine all you need to do is wait for 5 seconds and click on SKIP AD at top right corner you will get your file 🙂

  1. i cannot change the font in theme store .it shows there is no data in th3 font change ..can some1 suggest me how to change the font style..

    • font is not available in this app..

      how to change font style without root…

      any suggestions..
      please help me

      +918542078414 WhatsApp

  2. Few days back theme store shoes all fonts but now it says no data .can u please help me whats the matter n what i have to do to resolve it

  3. As i download the apk of theme store. After that when i click on it, shows app. it’s not installed. I had updated my software version to 5.9.021s . After that the problem is rising. Plz solve out.

  4. when ever i download this app it shows app currupt re download on rooted and non rooted device in letv 1s and my original font also disable only boxes are appearing . bro please help me m in trouble