download myjio 3.2.05 apk and get free jio sim card
download myjio 3.2.05 apk and get free jio sim card

MyJio 3.2.05 Apk Download and Get Jio Sim Free: Reliance Jio recently came to know about the vulnerability,  updated their app and fixed the loop hole which allowed everyone to generate bar code on non Samsung phones and get Relince Jio preview offer which include Unlimited FREE 4G INTERNET, FREE CALLS, FREE SMS!!.

Know about the trick: How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone

Now after Downloading MyJio app from playstore many people told me that they are having issues, they are not getting Get Jio Sim option and unable to generate bar code. So this post is for you guys! The vulnerability or the loop hole which allows everyone to generate bar code in non Samsung phones is still there in old version of the MyJio application, which is MyJio 3.2.05.

So here in this post we willl share you the link to download MyJio 3.2.05 apk appMyJio 3.2.05 Apk Download and Get Jio Sim Free, So in this article we will help you to get Get Jio Sim button and generate bar code on your non Samsung Smartphones and how you can get Jio Sim card on your non Samsung mobile phone. So all you need to do is just to download old MyJio 3.2.05 apk and install it, just follow the procedure How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone or given below.

MyJio 3.2.05 Apk Download and Get Jio Sim Free

  • Download MyJio 3.2.05 apk and install it.

    PS: If you have installed any other jio apps uninstalled it before installing MyJio 3.2.05 apk.

  • Now Install all My Jio apps one by one by clicking on install all jio apps.
  • Once installed all jio apps, disconnect WiFi/Mobile Data and make sure there are no apps running in backgrounds, and reboot your smartphone.
  • Now open MyJio 3.2.05 app with internet off and tap on Open button on MyJio tile, you will get Get Jio Sim Button 🙂

    MyJio 3.2.05 Apk Download and Get Jio Sim Free
    3.2.05 Apk Download and Get Jio Sim Free
  • Now enable Internet connect and tap on Get Jio Sim button proceed further take screenshot of the generated bar code and visit your nearest Reliance Digital Mini XpressStore and show the screenshot.MyJio 3.2.05 Apk Download and Get Jio Sim Free
    They may ask you for Samsung smartphone just make some excuses like thats’ your father’s smartphone etc. or try onto any other store in your locality.

If you having any difficulties then please comment down below i will try to reply you asap 🙂 thank you.


  1. I have installed all the jio app with the old version but once I open the jio app it only ask for update of new version and nothing else.

  2. I install old version jio app, i got the get jio sim option but now nothing happening the update app option is coming what to do, how to bypass this update option

  3. Hello Nipun U Helped Me Now I Help You On How To Bypass The Update.
    1- After Installing All the Apps No Need To Restart Device
    2-Open Your Apication Setting Of My Jio
    3-Erase Application Data, Turn Off Wifi
    4-Open My Jio.Click On New Sim.It Will Say No Wifi Network
    5-Turn On Wifi. Reload Page AND BINGO YOU ARE DONE

    • dont connect to net after downloading all the apps simply disconnect your internet and close the app noe open myjio click on open you will see GET JIO SIM Option

    • after you have downloaded the apk install the old apk and download all the apps now just simple disconnect your internet and close the application now open myjio app click on open you will get GET JIO SIM button now connect your internet and generate your barcode using that button

  4. I have coolpad note3
    Problem is on myjoiapk old version
    Every apk is download but jioxpressnews is not downloaddownloading.. And show is item not found

  5. I did the same amw process. But after generating it show bar code reedemed. I tried many times. I never used my old created bar code yet bt after so. E time it started showing bar code reedemed and your jio sim will recah u soon. How to generate new bar code. I tried your procedure mentioned here bt same results.

    Many thanks