How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone
How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone

How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone: Reliance is a way step away to launch its new product called Reliance Jio commercially. Now as you might know that Reliance Jio sim is only available with Reliance Lyf mobile phones, means to get a Reliance Jio sim you need to buy a Reliance Lyf Mobile Phone first(that’s a nice strategy to sell mobile phones :v). How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone

Currently, Jio sim comes with a Reliance Jio SIM Preview offer, its just a preview offer which includes FREE 4G INTERNET, FREE VOICE CALLS, FREE SMS UNLIMITED! for 3 Months. But to avail this offer you need to buy Reliance LYF Mobile Phones or any of the Samsung smartphones listed below. But as you are reading this amazing article on, we are giving a trick to get and use Reliance JIO Sim on any Device.How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone

The Samsung Galaxy A5, Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy A7, Galaxy A7 (2016), Galaxy A8, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 5 Duos, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S7, and the Galaxy S7 Edge are reportedly eligible for the offer. How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone

How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone

  • Go to Playstore and download MyJio App or CLICK HERE.
    Incase you already installed it then uninstalled it and install it again from playstore.

    Note: They have updated their app, so get old apk here–> Download MyJio 3.2.05 Apk and Get Jio Sim Free.

  • After MyJio app gets installed, open it and Tap on Install all Jio Apps and install them all.

    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone
    How to Use Reliance Jio Sim Card in any Other Mobile Phone

    NOTE: You need to install all of those 10 Applications first to proceed further.

  • After you have Successfully installed all of 10 Jio apps, Now follow same as i say, Open MyJio app now click on Open button on the MyJio tile. You will simply see Sign In/Sign Up page.

    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone
    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone
  • Now,  Close everything which is in your smartphone’s process. Turn OFF your WiFi/Mobile Data and again Open MyJio App then tap on Open button on MyJio tile on the top(below which are all the application you have installed).
  • Now you should see a Big white button saying Get Jio Sim on the top of Sign In/Sign Up buttons.
    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone
    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone

    NOTE: Incase you didn’t simply close it again and restart again 2-3 time you will get Get Jio Sim button.

  • BOOM! Simply tap on it, and it will show you what are the steps to get Jio sim and get Reliance Jio Preview Offer on any smartphone. You, simply need to complete 5 Steps to get Reliance Jio Sim card, See screenshot below.

    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone
    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone
  • Simply click Next, and on Step 1, you will generate a Bar code Just Take Screenshot of that because all you have to do is go to reliance service center near by you and show them this bar code to get Reliance Jio Sim.
    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone
    How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone

    To check Nearby Releince Jio Store:

  • Click on next and it will show you what all documents you need to carry to them, and you are done just go to the nearest Reliance Jio Store and get sim.

Note: The sim which you get will only work on the Smartphone you followed all the process given above. If you try to put it on other smartphone it won’t work. 

Remember: When you go to Reliance Jio Store, they might ask you for the Lyf or Samsung Smartphone or the Bill of the Smartphone, just carry a Samsung Mobile with you to show them, or make some excuses.

So guys that’s it How to use Reliance Jio Sim in any Mobile Phone. You have finally got your Jio Sim now Enjoy your 3 Months of life without spending a single penny! :). If you having any doubts feel free to comment below 🙂


    • Its not fully patched yet! they updated their app so you need to download the old apk of this MyJio application to make it work 🙂

  1. I bought a sim card I got it but I followed the steps on my friends phone so will it work on my phone or not and are you how sure are you that it won’t work

  2. Bro iam using sony xperia z3 ➕ i have done every thing when i visited reliance digital xpress they are asking to provide mobile.

  3. Bro iam using sony xperia z3 ➕ i have done every thing when i visited reliance digital xpress they are asking to provide samsung mobile but i dont have.

  4. can we be tension free and are you sure no issues and problems if we take the jio sim without lyf or any samsung mobile ?

  5. unable to progress
    every time i open my jio app
    it pops up an update notification that i cant cancel and process further

    • I am not getting this.. hmm i suggest you go clear data for the MyJio app and try it again with old apk i will update it in the post today 🙂

  6. sir if I will generate a bar code from my Samsung galaxy j5 and I will go to the near reliance store with my other samsung phone which is samsung galaxy note edge so they will give me jio sim card or not. if they gave me sim card by this bar code so it will work in my samsun galaxy j5 or not.

    • Yea Go to the store, show them the barcode you have generated from your Samsung Galaxy J5, if they ask ffor the handset show them your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, most probably they will give you a sim Jio sim card, and yea it will work in your Samsung galaxy J5

    • The sim will only work on the phone from which you have generated the bar code, if you have generated barcode from your Samsung phone and got sim on that barcode then the sim will only work in your Samsung handset.

  7. I was able to configure Jio sim in other mobile. But, after using 2gb of data, it stopped working. How to proceed ? 2gb of data was initially given by Jio. They did not have me unlimited offer. Hence, they are asking me recharge or update using get sim option.

  8. I get sim.. activated it
    …. but my samsung s5 is not getting the 4g network on it..!! Only emergency calls..!! What to do

  9. Sir I have lenovo k5 plus so can I use reliance jio sim in this Mobile and all the offer what company give ,90 day free talk time and data SMS offer can u suggest me pls

  10. I got jio sim1 along with lyf phone. They lost the document and did not activate it. I still have lyf phone with me and did not provide document for the second time.
    Now i went to another reliance digital store and told them i have lyf phone and want jio sim. They gave me another sim2 and did not note any details of lyf phone.
    Will sim2 work in my other s6 edge+.

      • So i do not need to install any apps and follow the above procedure. Simply insert sim and use it right. And i should also get unlimited data/call for 3 months

  11. i have installed old apk from your link and followed the procedure as u told but i didnt get the option for “Get jio sim”. I have tried many times with my samsung galaxy tab3

  12. Can i use my new jio sim in my mobile which code generated in other mobile.I got new one.But cide was generated by my friend on his phone

  13. Sir I have generate a coupon and bar code wit my lenovo vibeshot device if I got jio sim , is he worked of my lenovo vibeshot device

  14. I have a lyf water 4 and also get jio sim can i use it my redmi note 3 ..and how …i buyed the phone today and not inserted the jio sim in lyf phone

  15. hello sir i followed steps with yuphoria phone got the sim card and also got activation msg on alternate number but i am unable to get network on my phone ……..

  16. i have done every thing when i visited reliance digital xpress they are asking to provide samsung mobile but i dont have….now what sir ?? Plz help me.

    • If you provided the barcode generated from your Moto g4 along with your friend’s s6, it will work on your g4, else it will not

  17. i generated the barcode in my micromax canvas 5 successfully… but i took my dad’s samsung j5 at the store as i was afraid of not getting the sim… so the guy at the store asked for the Samsung’s imei no. nd provided me with the jio sim… so im just little confused that in which device the sim will work?

  18. I got Jio sim today. I haven’t inserted it yet. M using A5. Please guide me. I am done with formalities at jio sim outlet centre. In which tray should i insert it? What i have to do after inserting? Please guide me . I m eager to start
    with it.

    • It depends on your handset, it your handset supports 4g on slot 1 then insert it on slot 1. Just wait for the activation msg on your alternate number then insert it.

  19. If i generate a code in Samsung device…..n after 3 steps….If i activate it on another device(4G supported) will it work fine ?

  20. Comment:bro I have generated code from Samsung Mobile and …I want to use it in Moto X-Play will it work??? if not what to do?? explain plz..

  21. sir can we show them any Samsung phone eligible for offer…nd give them our barcode which has been generated for our phone ….sir tell will not note any imei of Samsung phone that will not work in other phone as our phone is different sooo…will it will work on my moto x play after showing my A7 in the store with my barcode which has been generated form moto X-Play

  22. they are asking samsung mobile for activation what should i do? and if my friend has phone frrom which he get sim card.. can i use that phone to get a sim card for myself?

  23. Every time I want to generate Barcode for Jio Sim in redmi note 3 it fails. I followed all the tricks. Please suggest.

  24. Comment: I genrate promocode in my lenovo vibe k5…. i go jio office to get sim… they said that … jio sim is only activated in samsung series that are listed… in reliance jio… i have friend… he tell me that… he give me sim…. is this sim will activate in my lenovo vibe k5… plzz reply

    • Yep the Preview offer is only available on some of the Samsung handsets which are listed above in the post, you can check. If you want a jio sim in your smartphone just simply follow the above procedure! 🙂

  25. sir after following all the steps at the last stage after tapping on get sim it says no internet connection any after switching on the internet a banner comes which says follow the steps but the steps never come.

    • Dude when you get “GET JIO SIM” option turn on your internet and proceeded further, and if you don’t get the option try restarting the app 2-3 times

  26. I have purchased a JIO Sim from a store.what are the procedure to use it in my ASUS Zenfone which is 4G enable.PLZ HELP ME.

    • As per my knowledge its not officially available for sale! Can you tell us how you bought the JIO SIM.

      Ok so you got the sim just ask the shopkeeper the activation process he will tell you 🙂

  27. Today i generate the bar code in my note 5 if once sim is activate can i use this sim in my note 3??
    And can i activation process to another mobile?

  28. If I get code from galaxy s5 by following this step.. but why they will give me jio sim as they are only valid on selected Samsung phones

  29. i bought a jio sim just now ,i will generate bar code on my sony xperia m2dual,insert the jio sim on same mobile,but that mobile support only on 3g network,how to use jio sim on my mobile

  30. i got a jio sim following above instruction and sim activated msg received on alternate number but i dont have a tower,my mobile operate on only 3g its work or not?????

  31. Sir I have generated the promo code from my moto g4 plus but they are asking for a bill of a compatable Samsung mobile..I have a friend who has got samsung S6 ..can i provide them the bill coz the IMEI nmbr is there on the bill of the samsung phone ..will the sim work on my phone..plzz rply

  32. Hey bro I have generated the code from my j2 now I will take my frnds phone a5 to the shop now what if the shopkeeper compares the a5’s imei no to my code generated

  33. Sirji.
    Mene dost ka A7 dikhakar jio sim liya he. Mere pass samsung J5 he to tele verification A7 se karu ya J5 se.
    Customer care walo ko model number pata chalata he kya?
    Pls reply…..

  34. Sir
    I have j2 phone 2015…. and I installed all apps of the realince jio suggested above by you…. Sir I asking that. Jio sim will be working in my j2 phone…???

  35. Can not working.. am downloaded the old version. But no option to sign up. It showing only update option. What I do next ?

  36. My friend Without asking me took my phone and Used my phone Imei no To book a sim and now I am not able to book for myself ….Please teel what to do about this

  37. Sir if i book a new sim from samsung j2 and activating it from same phone … will i be able to Use that sim in my Maicromax Mega 4G after using 2G of data from J2

  38. Hey Nipun, Good stuff buddy!!
    I got my Jio sim today after officially launch, but I got it without any bar code. Simply filling the form with ID proofs from Rel Digital store. Will it work on my Lenovo K4 Note mobile. Do I need to anything else.

  39. I have generated barcode from moto e which is 3g n I have bought a sim from tat code BT yet not activated so if I puti it in moto e will it activate coz its not 4g na … n also I can’t put it in any other 4g phn bcoz code generated was from moto e plz ans soon

  40. Can i get a jio sim by submitting required documents of my own name, if i have applied for the barcode with my existing sim which is registered under somebody elses Name.

  41. i got the coupon code it was giving me update msg again again i switch of the wifi and mobile data put on 2g pack for so update check becomes slow and when get Jio sim button came i pressed it and it gave the coupon

    thanks a lot >>LEGEND TRICKS<<<