0 Essential Android Apps you must have
0 Essential Android Apps you must have

10 Essential Android Apps you must have

10 Essential Android Apps you must have: I say this jokingly, but there is nothing more true: the smartphone has become an extension of my hand . I use it a lot, But not just for phone calls! I use it to chat with friends, to take and post photos, to read emails, watch the weather, read my favorite blog … And I use it also to make millemila other things. To do all these things, some useful, some futilissime, I use many apps, and today I propose a selection of those that I love (and use) more. 10 Essential Android Apps you must have

10 Essential Android Apps you must have
10 Essential Android Apps you must have

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10 Essential Android Apps you must have

  1. Battery widget reborn

If you are curious to understand how and why it consumes the battery , as it will gradually discharge and recharge and to what temperature it is currently (last my summer was up to 50 ° and is not really of good health …). It has a small icon at the top notification with the percentage of recharge and, very pretty, the ability to access very quickly from the notification bar to work Torch.

  1. Nights keeper

I have no landline at home and then at night I can not turn off the phone , and even put it in Airplane function. The solution? This app. At the set time, for different days of the week and weekend, turn off all connections (data, wifi, gps, bluetooth), leaving active only the telephone signal, however filtering incoming calls. What I really like is that not only automates the disconnection, but also the re-connection at the time you have set.

  1. Sunrise

The final schedule . Integrated seamlessly with Google Calendar, with a graphical interface much prettier and far more functional than the system version. In addition to Google Calendar, also it integrates with Evernote, Todoist, Trello and many other apps of the time organization. The genius is that it automatically adds icons next to events by reading the meaning of what we have written, and not miss a beat! [ Also available for PC and iOS . ]

  1. Google Keep

Mica think that I go to the grocery store with a list marked on a real piece of paper?We joke? Using the smartphone again and keep Google is the ultimate solution that I found. Compared to the appropriate app to go shopping I find it more comfortable because it also exists as a Chrome extension, and this allows me to add things to the list even though I do not have to hand the phone. [version iPhone ]

  1. Monefy pro

“Little Match Girl” mode hope will end soon to give way to that “Indian Princess” but a way to keep income and expenditure control takes. App of this type I’ve tried a lot but this is the one with which I am best: very intuitive, charges are placed in seconds and the summary of the month chart is clear and immediately visible. The Pro version allows, of course, some extra things and has no advertising: for just over € 2.00 I have not thought about it much.

  1.   Ready train

The app to have if you travel often . Find the schedule of all the trains and, above all, the train was that interests you: it is the party? Traveling in time? The only flaw is that it is not possible to buy tickets for all regional directly from the app … The #SocialMiele without this app would be seriously in trouble! [version iPhone ]

  1. Snapseed

Snap a lot of pictures with your smartphone , you know it! And I often have to edit them to fix the exposure, contrast, or even just to cut them. The app that I like the most, because it is super intuitive, is Snapseed, a Google product home. [version iOs ]

  1. Instarepost

You may have seen on Instagram a beautiful image and want to share on your profile, but there is no trace of the share button . How? Using an external app! This is very interesting because you do repost even if you are not logged in with your Instagram profile, although, to be logged, it offers some additional features that are very useful.

  1. Biotiful

I conclude with two app a lot to little woman.

The first allows you to know, simply by scanning the barcode of a beauty productwe are going to buy in the supermarket, if the product contains or not products may cause allergies or unsuitable to our skin. [version iPhone ]

  1. Tea Time

The latest app is one of my latest discoveries and one of those I use most. It is a timer, but not a simple timer! It’s a timer to know how to keep to infuse tea or herbal tea .It has a rich database of tea types with their service temperatures, and adequate time, but you can add our teas or our tea, unless we find them already. Inutilissima? Just the normal timer? Maybe. But it is so cute!

And you have other apps to add to this list?